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Petit Four


Having built one by one with the finest materials without any trace of animal fats, these dainty soft biscuits are joined with delicious jam, composing a real masterpiece of French origin. “Petit four” is just the perfect confection to accompany your coffee or tea!

***Available in bags of 500 and 1000 grams



What though “kurabies” is supposed to be a traditional Christmas sweet, the sugared bun, thanks to the impressive snow-white appearance of powdered sugar and the excellent quality of butter as well, this delicious homemade cookie could be also an integral part of celebrations of all kinds tempting you and your guests…

***Available in box packing of 750 grams



A spoonful of vanilla, a glass of cold water and a lot of.... summer mood are enough to create perhaps the most aromatic and classic spoon sweet, called «karavaki». This snow-white spoon sweet can have either vanilla flavor or the globally unique Chios Mastiha flavor depended on your own choice and desire...

***Available in jars of 400 and 800 grams