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¨ Continuous objective of STAMATIOU S.A. is to acquire and retain only totally satisfied customers¨


The company's management is committed to continuously:

1. Set and monitor demanding targets, concerning the products’ quality improvement, through frequent Management Reviews.

2. Provide compliance of products manufacture and distribution to the quality, health and safety regulations and customer requirements.

3. Maintain and implement its particular quality policy through the following guidelines

• STAMATIOU SA works exclusively with evaluated and qualified suppliers

• A key priority of the company is delivering our products always on time and at the agreed cost

• Continuous customer after-sales service and stability of products’ quality are fundamental targets of STAMATIOU SA for creating a competitive advantage for our company. For this reason, the Company has developed a Quality Management System applying EN ISO 9000 Quality Standard and the preventive security system for our food safety (HACCP), as well as STAMATIOU S.A. has complied with the Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT)

• STAMATIOU SA invests all the necessary financial resources for having well-trained staff and the best possible industrial equipment in order to be aligned with even the most demanding customers’ requirements.