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Why do people use to associate halva with the Lent, the period of fasting before Easter? It is a nice and tasty sweet forevery hour of the day and simultaneously beneficial.

It is a natural product without chemical processing. Halvas is contained 25% of sesame oil, which is 2,5 times richer in vitamin E than olive oil. It is reinforced with the rare substance Gamma-Tocopherol, a powerful antioxidizing element that protects against cancer, the degenerative diseases, heart diseases, ageing and helps to disrupt ethanol.

And as for the calories, 500 at 100 grams of product!! Less than a piece of cake!!!

*** Available on packs of 400 grams, 800 grams, 2 and 5 kilos



Owing to the revival of the Mediterranean nutrition and its definite benefits to our health, tahini expands its fame and it seems to regain a lot of fans. As a consequence, this oily paste which we get after the liquidizing of the skinless seeds of sesame, is the field of savoury challenges for the pleasure and delight of the most fanatic or not, fans of physical diet.

*** Available on boxes of 12 packs of 350 grams



Open sesame!!! If till now you thought that it is only a cue of Ali Baba, then you should reconsider it!!! Sesame is a real wonder of nature and the benefits of its products are equally admirable. Especially,when sesame combines with honey give us the most sweet and nutritious pleasure named….PASTELI!!!!

*** Available on boxes of 13 packs of 70 grams